Training And Experience

The ability to transform or reshape an existing physical attribute has become safer and more feasible with modern plastic surgery and modern anesthesia. Our surgeons, Dr. Newman and Dr. Chan trained as Head and Neck surgeons and then as facial plastic surgeons at Stanford University and have unique experience in dealing with functional and cosmetic issues of the face.

Aesthetics And Skill

One of the most striking aspects of Dr. Newman’s surgical results are in the natural looking and balanced aesthetic features which he is able to achieve with so many different faces. This is part of the intangible aspect of plastic surgery which comes from surgical experience, his knowledge of art and his innate recognition of aesthetics. Dr Newman’s philosophy is centered around enhancing your individual features to achieve balance of the face as a whole. In some cases rejuvenating features from years of aging and gravity is the main goal while in others the reshaping of a nose or ears is needed to balance the appearance of the face.

Personalized Planning

The surgical plan is designed with respect to the individuals sense of aesthetic harmony as well. We use computer and digital technology to enhance the communication between the surgeons and their patients. The patient through the process of informed consent becomes an active participant and becomes thoroughly educated about the goals set forth for making their surgical transformation.

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