The use of a patients own serum and growth factors can be combined with their own fat or certain fillers to produce a better collagen framework and correction of volume with just the use of small blunt needles.

Sometimes referred to as platelet rich plasma, liquid facelift, or the vampire procedure, this procedure is ideal for the younger patient not in need of a face lift but notices volume loss and decrease in skin quality evidenced by a lack of “glow” to their skin.

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In this procedure, Dr. Newman draws two vials of blood from you in special separator tubes from Switzerland, known as REGEN tubes.  The vials are then placed in a special centrifuge and this separates the valuable growth factors and platelets from the red and white blood cells.  Only the serum and growth factors are injected back into the skin.  The concentrated application of this plasma immediately begins a repair process to the microvasculature of the skin and fat resulting in healthier tissue over time which can be enhanced with fillers or one of the ENERGY based devices that Dr. Newman uses to further enhance the skin.

This procedure has been referred to as the Vampire lift because it involves taking the patient’s own blood and using it to create enhanced blood circulation to areas where it is injected.  This procedure is also combined with MICRONEEDLING of the facial skin by Monika Stone, Aesthetician at Dr. Newman’s Palo Alto office.