Do you have chronic nasal congestion or pressure that seems to last for several weeks or several months without relief?

A stuffy nose that does not respond to regular treatment may be caused by abnormalities within the nose. If this is the case, new types of surgery with the help of a laser may help you breathe more comfortably.

Common Causes

A common cause of breathing problems is a deviated septum, or crookedness in the wall of cartilage and bone that divides the nose into left and right sides. An internal obstruction can cause a stuffy feeling made worse at night, excessive mucous production, decreased sense of smell, and even bleeding from the nose. Polyps or cyst within the nose can also produce the same effect. To correct structural defects, we perform an internal surgical procedure called a septoplasty with no external incisions.

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The Allergy Connection

In addition, chronic stuffiness within the nose can be made worse by allergies. Allergies which do not respond to common medications or which persist for months can also produce nasal obstruction. Even with a normal septum, the allergies produce enlargement of internal structures of the nose called turbinates. By reducing the size of these turbinates, your breathing problems can be greatly improved and the use of medications may also be eliminated. Dr. James Newman uses the KTP laser to treat several of these conditions and avoids the need for extensive surgery. The laser procedure can be performed under local anesthesia under one hour.

Abnormal Sinuses

Unfortunately, some people are also affected by sinus conditions which can alter the normal function of the nose. In some cases, infections can occur repeatedly in the nose due to abnormal sinuses. At the Aesthetic Facial Surgery & Laser Center we can offer comprehensive evaluation of functional nasal and sinus conditions. While most common procedures can be performed at our state of the art surgical facilities, more extensive cases requiring computer assistance are performed at both Stanford University Hospital and El Camino Hospital by Dr. James Newman.


If you have any of these conditions, you deserve to have them evaluated by a specialist who can discuss the most recent advances in treatment of nasal and sinus conditions. In many cases, portions of the cost of surgery related to functional problems are covered by insurance plans. Submit a request for consultation or call our office at (650) 340-7200 for further assistance.