The Ribbon Lift is a minimally invasive procedure performed under local anesthesia or as part of a face lift surgical procedure. 

It is a unique type of suture with tiny fingers used to grasp and secure tissue. It is the next generation of thread lift or cable lift material because of its strength and reliability.

Dr Newman uses the Ribbon Lift to improve neck sagging and can be done as a brief outpatient procedure.

Once the Ribbon Lift has performed it’s function of creating new collagen, it is completely absorbed by the body.

This schematic shows how the Ribbon device is placed to secure the neck platysma muscle. To see if the Ribbon Lift is appropriate for your condition, a consultation is required.

The Ribbon Lift is for patients with very lax platysma muscles, and will be performed with the new improved Veramesh Sling and Seri Sling which integrate within the neck muscles and allows patients to get permanent improvement in the neck contour to remove “wattles” or loose neck skin.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia with incisions hidden behind the ear. Please note that patient’s hairstyles do not change with the procedure and this procedure can be performed on both women and men. Patients have been extremely pleased with this minimally invasive Ribbon Lift.

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