Removing unwanted hair is now easier and faster.

Featuring the SOPRANO Ice Laser XL and ELOS PLUS 810nm Diode Laser Systems.

If you are like the majority of patients who have gone through time consuming and painful procedures such as waxing and electrolysis to remove unwanted hair, help has arrived.

A breakthrough in laser technology has allowed aesthetic surgeons the ability to eliminate hair in a comfortable and efficient fashion. At Premier Plastic Surgery, the new Soprano Ice and ELOS Plus System has been pleasing patients with relatively little discomfort.

Dr. Newman has chosen the 810nm Diode lasers with advanced feature of integrated contact cooling with “Super Hair Removal” mode to provide a pain free experience. The laser works by selectively heating pigment in the hair follicles, thus destroying the hair. Patients note results within days after treatment.

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The procedure usually does not require anesthesia and no waxing is needed. A unique patented cooling system is used to keep the surface skin cool thus minimizing discomfort and color changes in the skin.

Many patients ask which areas can be treated and are the results permanent? The most popular areas being treated are facial hair, necks, armpits, legs and bikini areas. The procedure time depends on the area of the skin to be treated but is usually accomplished in under one hour.

Results at one year show vast improvements in the areas treated.

Some patients have excellent results after just one treatment. Because hair grows in stages over time, it is usually necessary to treat patients with more than one session. Subsequent treatment sessions are performed when you notice partial hair growth and usually is noted 8 to 12 weeks after the first treatment.

This hair re-growth is due to hair which was not growing at the time of the first laser treatment. Most patients are very satisfied with their results after 3 to 4 treatments. The procedure itself is performed in our treatment room with occasional use of topical anesthetic creams for sensitive areas like the face.

Women are pleased by how painless and easy a treatment can be as compared to electrolysis or waxing. Is everyone a candidate for laser hair removal? Effectiveness of hair removal depends on our ability to treat with enough energy to damage the follicle while minimizing any damage to the overlying skin. Ideally, the best condition would be a patient with a light skin color, but dark or black hair.

While having a darker skin tone does not prevent treatment, there is more risk. Likewise blond hair is more difficult to treat. The Soprano XL and ELOS PLUS LASER Systems are one of the safest means of removing unwanted hair.

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