The Sublime treatment also known as the “Red Carpet” treatment is part of ELOS technology which provides maintenance boost for patients who have undergone more extensive skin tightening procedures such as mini facelifts, Ulthera, or Thermage treatments.  

Infrared laser with up to 100 Joules of energy combined with bipolar radiofrequency treatment make this an ideal boost treatment for the skin. With no downtime and less cost, a single Sublime treatment can help maintain firm skin or give that “Red Carpet” boost to your skin before special events.  It is the most popular treatment which hollywood stars undergo prior to going out on the Red Carpet or Award Shows because there is no downtime.

As shown in the image, the infrared laser and radiofrequency bars, stimulate the skin with brief burst of energy which produces the desired clinical effect of a healthy glow to the skin.  With repeated treatments longer lasting benefits to the skin can be achieved, but if your looking for a quick enhancement with no downtime, the Sublime Laser may be for you.

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